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Scrap Metal Game

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Game is a online game full of adventure and fun. You can have a excellent time played Scrap Metal Game at

How to Play Scrap Metal Game?

Scrap Metal is an epic game which starts a legend, in this game, you can freely drive your fanny car around all the play facility, you can make this place as a playground, you can feel the speed and make some tricks up in the air, press number button can switch view, help you feel the stimulation of driving. If you are a good driver, come and try Scrap Metal! If you are not, cherish the time you can freely smash it all cause you can recover it immediately. Enjoy!

Scrap Metal Game Which Keyboard Keys to Play With?

Arrows Mouse + Ctrl = Move, 1-7 = View, T = Slow Motion, Shift = Clutch, F V = Gearbox, Space = Handbrake, Enter = Reset Car, Shift + R = Repair Car.