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Scrap Metal 2 Game

Scrap Metal 2

Scrap Metal 2 Game is a online game full of adventure and fun. You can have a excellent time played Scrap Metal 2 Game at

How to Play Scrap Metal 2 Game?

Scrap Metal is an epic game, in this game, you have a very own palace and some awesome cars, there’s also some facilities like U type board for you to choose, you can use it to build a playground for you to drive as fast as you want, and if you are a crash lover, you can also try to smash your car as bad as it can be, you can repair it whenever you want, this place is a free land for you. Enjoy Scrap Metal 2!

Scrap Metal 2 Game Which Keyboard Keys to Play With?

Arrows / WASD = drive, R = repair, I = inventory