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The video game PacMan is a classic from the early eighties. This Japanese franchise was created by Toru Iwatani and is currently developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Many other video game companies have also made versions of Pac-Man games including Midway Games, Atari, and Mass Media, Inc., as well as many more. In addition to the two original developers, there are now dozens of other companies that create Pac-Man games.

There are several types of ghosts in PacMan games, and the scatter behaviour varies between them. Ghosts can be either in a dark or light mode and need different amount of energy to move around the maze. The power pellets can be consumed by the Pacman to change the color of the ghost. In addition to this, live plants can also be included in the Pacman frog enclosure, but they need to be kept away from the hot pad.

As with other PacMan unblocked games, Pac-Man has four ghosts that follow him around the mazes. These ghosts are based on their characteristics, but Iwatani tried to avoid programming them to chase Pac-Man, as this would make the game extremely difficult. Instead, they want to position themselves 32 pixels in front of the mouth of the Pac-Man. The fourth ghost, Clyde, moves randomly and is called a “flying” ghost.

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